Audrey Sargeant

For as long as I can remember, I have been involved in making art.
For a number of years I made pots, both functional and wall-hung sculptural work. Pottery was followed by fiber art— art quilts embellished with metal shapes which were enameled or patinated
and sewn to the surface of the quilts. This work gave birth to an interest in making small, wall-hung metal pieces. However, working in metal became too difficult for my old, arthritic hands. It was necessary to find a gentler medium, and I started making collages.

Most of the collage pieces that I create are composed of different kinds of paper that I have manipulated in some way— painting, stamping, or printing, for example.

Constantly learning new techniques and procedures for creating the papers that I use in my collages keeps my interest high. And, creating aesthetically pleasing art makes me happy.